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Girl Were You Alone? An *NSYNC Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

It's a big news week for *NSYNC due to the *NSYNC week on the Popcast and the NSA release anniversary. But first, hosts Ashley and Christine take a fun listener question and reassign each *NSYNC member to another boy band. Once that's complete, they talk about the various *NSYNC related articles that were released last week as there were some controversial ones out there. They also talk about Justin using his influence for good again, Chris having a terrific facial hair situation, JC sitting down for an interview, and Lance somehow injuring himself while social distancing in his home. 

For our main segment, we talk about the extended version of the making the tour segment, which you can check out on Youtube. They have so much fun seeing the boys behind the scenes as they get ready to head out on the No Strings Attached Tour and yearn for even more footage of the boys learning choreography. 

You'll want to go to Insta for this week's It's Gonna Be Memes winner because it's a long one!

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