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Girl Were You Alone? An *NSYNC Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

Well, Well, Well - what do we have here? A Very Special EpisodeTM TM about *NSYNC & The Black Community co-hosted by the brilliant and lovely Danielle & Sade! Part two of this special focuses on post *NSYNC issues around race. Because of the scope of his platform and level of interaction with the Black community, much of this episode focuses on Justin, but we also touch on the other members of *NSYNC and their statements on BLM.

Special thank you to everyone who sent in voice memos and kept our secret. Let's continue the dialogue! And don't forget - we have a special design on TeePublic to celebrate this episode - Girl, You're NOT Alone! All proceeds for the month of July will be donated to The Roots of Music, a non-profit educational organization based in New Orleans. This after-school program provides academic tutoring and music mentoring for at-risk students ages 9–14.