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Girl Were You Alone? An *NSYNC Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

On this week's episode, hosts Ashley and Christine have a super fun interview with Michael Turchin! They discuss Michael's origin story as an artist, Lance's A+ gaydar, and play some fun rapid fire games!

In the *NSYNC news of the week, they discuss the biggest news of the week (and also their lives), that time when Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick broke the number one podcast rule and told JC that we call him Fine Ass Daddy. Wowowowow, that really happened. 

After they've digested that, they discuss the episode of the Facebook show Controlled Chaos which featured Lance, Chris, and Joey! Love seeing them together being their hilarious selves! 

They also discuss Chris singing This I promise you and cutting poor Nashy's hair, the release date for JAX (again), and ,most importantly, Britney Spears' instagram post where she broke the silence and tagged Justin. Wow, the end of an era. Quarantine is wild, y'all.


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